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Whether it is reigniting and/or defining your souls passion for your business or building confidence and skills in hands on newborn and family photography, Emily has you covered.

With over two decades of experience in the photography industry and as an authority within the genre of photographing motherhood I have learned the language of connection, I know WHO I am, and therefore WHO I want to attract, my vibe is attracting my tribe, and I want you to attract that for yourself, to build a sustainable brand, true to your being. This is about building the most fulfilling business you can have.

There are no extra points in creative business for making the biggest sacrifice, it's simply not sustainable.

EmPowered (see what I did there?) mentoring program is as much about finding yourself as it is about building the brand that attracts your real life long, genuine clients. It's empowering You in Your story.

These mentoring program options give you back your power, by owning your journey and your story, the mistakes, the successes. This is not 'cookie cutter', one size fits all mentoring, this is not marketing plans and recreating others styles. These workshops and mentoring are built on uplifting and encouraging YOU and your style.

* One on One EmPowered for Creatives mentoring is a 6 hour experience conducted either in person or online over 6 weekly or bi weekly one hour sessions. You will be guided in understanding your blocks, creating a mindset of gratitude and boundaries, finding and naming what aligns with you by reflecting and understanding your 'why'.

This experience is built specifically to help you create a sustainable, ongoing creative business, through understanding your own journey, and creating real connection.

* The Work-Flow Workshop (newborn/family) is an 8 hour full day workshop from session set up to editing. It is designed to give you the confidence in posing and transitioning throughout your session, for a smooth flow between setups and ensuring comfort and baby safety.

The workflow Workshop is unique in its approach, based on one on one mentoring. It is hands on, and adaptable and personalised to help you gain the confidence in your newborn sessions.

Journeying through the entire newborn session and post production, from start to finish, it is a full day workshop that has the flexibility to take place on your own studio space or on location.

We will cover various aspects of a newborn session, from beginning to editing incorporating:
Preparation, camera settings, lighting, workflow, of poses and props, baby safety, compositing images, parent and family imagery and post-production and editing, encouraging you to find and take ownership of your own signature style.

It is an intimate experience that builds on your skills and answers questions along the way.

(Payment plans available.)